Archbishop Irineos, Rector

Abp. Irineos was assigned to Holy Annunciation Orthodox Mission by His Beatitude Metropolitan Angelos in 2015. Fr. Irineos was ordained to the priesthood in 2015 on the Feast of St. Nektarios at the synodal cathedral in Avlona, Greece.  Before his ordination, Fr. Irineos studied at Holy Three Hierarchs Orthodox Theological Institute.  As a layman he was a part of a mission startup for the OCA, served on the OCA diocesan council, and filled many roles in the mission, from reading to serving in the altar, to acting as warden.  In November 2017, Fr. Irineos was consecrated as a vicar bishop to Metropolitan Angelos, responsible for the mission to North America.  On the eve of the Synaxis of the Holy Archangels in 2021, he was elevated to the rank of Archbishop.  In 2023, Met. Cherubim installed him as the Ruling Bishop of Austin and Texas.

Fr. Petru Turcan, Attached

Hieromonk Agathon, Attached

Hieromonk Agathon was tonsured by Abp. Irineos as a rassaphore monk.  He lives on the grounds of Holy Annunciation Church and serves as needed in the mission.  He is also dedicated to the development of a monastic community on the property.

Deacon Gerasimos Floyd

Deacon Gerasimos has served at Holy Annunciation since 2016. He was tonsured as a Reader and then Subdeacon by Abp. Irineos. With the blessing of Met. Cherubim, he was ordained to the Holy Diaconate on June 12, 2023 (June 25 NS) at Holy Annunication Orthodox Church. He is married to the Diaconissa Judith and are blessed with many children and grandchildren.

Previous Clergy
We thank Fr. Elias Greer for his years of faithful service as our parish priest and with all our love wish him good health and peaceful days!

Memory Eternal! Fr. Symeon Parsons

Fr. Symeon Parsons was ordained as a True Orthodox priest by Bp. Haralampos of Dallas. Prior to joining the Avlona Synod he was the rector of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Austin, Texas. Fr. Symeon reposed in 2020. Memory Eternal, dear Father!