Learn About Orthodoxy

As a guest and hopefully an inquirer into the Orthodox faith, you will probably have many questions.  The icons, the incense, the ancient hymns and prayers are all very different than what most western Christians have ever experienced.  It will be natural to want to study and learn all you can about the faith.

We are pleased to provide you with these links and resources to aid in your quest.  However, we also ask you to consider this.  The need to research and and study is grounded in a western scholastic mindset.  The earliest Christians, by and large, couldn’t read and certainly didn’t have the internet as an aid.  How then did they develop such an intense longing for the faith that they withstood persecution and even death in the name of Christ?  Because the fullness of the faith is found in the Church and in its services!  Certainly read and study, but to truly understand Orthodoxy, attend the services, read the Lives of the Saints, and pray the ancient prayers.

If you follow the path of living the faith, you will find all you need in the Church itself.  As St. Evagrius said in the 4th century, “If you are a theologian you truly pray.  If you truly pray you are a theologian.”